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Layer 1/2/3 message real-time logging, parsing, display and simple analysis
Voice Callm
....- Call by call, Continuous, Synchronous & Periodic call
Data Call
....- PPP and FTP
Video Call
....- End-to-end CS video call
....- Perceptual video quality measurement for
......ㆍ Video Telephony
......ㆍ Video Streaming
......ㆍ Video Messaging
....- Perceptual voice quality measuremen
....- ITU-T P.862 PESQ
....- Opticom Certification
Log parser: Graphical call flow for easy analysis
Alarm for immediate troubleshooting
Software level scalability for maximum 6 UEs
Scanner interface

Mobile WiMAX/Wibro DM data logging & replay & display (list, table, graph, map etc.)
Physical (RF) quality
MAC management message collection and parsing (All IEEE standard support)
H/O information
Data packet capture (IP, TCP, UDP etc)
Auto call
FTP Throughput measurement
In-building measurement
Real-time map
Cell site management
Zone Definition Grid
Various call statistics
Leverage Netimizer® DML
....- All major features of DML
Portable battery operation
Maximum 6 UE connectivity
Real-time UE and Laptop charging
Simple and unified connectivity
....- No extra peripherals
....- DM + Modem + Audio + Charging
Commercial industry standard GPS support
User defined Alarm
MOS Measurement
Empower In-Building measurement
70+ Installation base reference in 3 months
Executive level benchmarking window
Multinetwork QoS comparison
No need of high skilled engineer for testing
....- Smart User Interface
....- Voice Guidance
....- UMPC based user console
....- Easy installation in any type of car
Leverage Netimizer® DML
....- All major features of DML
Multiple data logging & measurement platform
Max. 16CH measurement simultaneously
PCMCIA slot: Support PCMCIA type data card
Log Parser : Graphical call flow for easy troubleshooting
M-L & L-M test leveraging Netimizer ® LDS as an optional
....- Voice call, Data call and MOS
Various value-added features
Opticom certified PESQ (ITU-T P.862) MOS for voice quality measurement
Real-time phone charging
Enable BTS capacity test
Subscriber call generator for core network traffic test
Complementary product for voice call and MOS quality test
....- Land to Mobile
....- Mobile to Land
Portable and stand alone type
....- PC build-in
....- Windows XP Professional
Max 16 PSTN line support
Automatic call scheduling
Remote auto call control (Option)
Off-site Post-Processing S/W platform
Large size logging data management
Log file merge and split
Diverse displays: Map, Graph, Grid, Statistics charts, Correlation graph, etc.
One-stop Query
Optimized map engine for mobile network engineering
Export function (ppt, xls, etc.)
Templates for report generation
Roaming Inbound/Outbound tester
Max 200 USIM/SIM Card test
Voice Call/Data Call/Wireless Internet test
....- 3G Inbound IR24
....- 2G Inbound IR24
....- 3G Inbound IR27
Flexible Configuration
....- Standalone
....- Mesh
Job Scheduling
....- Automatic test scenario wizard
....- Centralized control in mesh topology
....- Test result query
Automatic report generation