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iplex pvc pipe
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iPlex™ name came from IP Complex. IP Complex represents IP-PBX, SIP-TGW(Trunk Gateway) and SIP-RGW(Residential Gateway) and plan to commercial lounch on this Q3 of year 2006.

iPlex™-PBX, All IP softswitch architecture, interface to IP Phone or SIP gateway then takes the role of main PBX, e.g.local call, extension and extension transfet. It has also VAS services like MRBT, VMS and multimedia conference.

iPlex™-TGW is a signaling and media gateway and let customer's current PBX inretface to IP Telephony network.

iPlex™-RGW is a residential gateway which converts analog phone line to internet SIP phone. Subscribers can sue inretnet telephone service using current key-phone tyle analog telephone infrastructure.

iplex pvc pipe Features
SigGateTM 's main features are like these:

Features Descriptions
Basic Announcement, Extension, Extension call, Abbreviated Dialing, Call Diversion, Call Transfer, Call Holding, Call Pickup, Call Waiting, Call Blocking(Extension)
VAS VMS, MRBT, Voice Conference, Video Conference (Special Equipment Required), Paging for absence, CID
Codec (Voice) G.711, G.729a, G.723.1
SBC Session control between corporate IP and internet telephone network's private IP
Routing Routing on multiple Proxy Server of internet telephone carrier
Billing Charging history per call query, Charging statistics, Call fail detail report etc.
User interface Web based interface, System configuration management, System Status query, Call process statistics query, Announcement setting and management
iplex pvc pipe System Capacity
SigGateTM has very scalable architecture.

Families Descriptions
iPlex™ -PBX1000 Small capacity IP-PBX
120user concurrent call
iPlex™ -PBX2000 Medium and large capacity IP-PBX
maximum 960 user concurrent call
iPlex™ -PBX4000 Large capacity IP-PBX
Flexible depends on maximum concurrent call
iPlex™ -TGW1000 Small capacity SIP Trunk Gateway
4E1/T1, 120 Session concurrent support
iPlex™ -TGW2000 Medium and large capacity SIP Trunk gateway
32E1/T1, 960 Session concurrent support
iPlex™ -TGW4000 Large capacity SIP Trunk gateway
Flexible depends on maximum concurrent call
iPlex™ -RGW1/2/4/8/16 SIP Residential Gateway
1, 2, 4, 8, 16 port support
iplex pvc pipe Characteristics
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ adopts softwitch technology compatible with SIP standard
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ is run on enterprise LINUX and ATCA open plarform then these environment delivers stability and managebility to customer
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ has linear scalability from small to large scale capacity.
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ has various Vas services like MRBT and Paging for absence etc.
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ can be easily managed and operated on web based administration GUI
iplex pvc pipe iPlex™ saces customer's investmeant and communication cost utilizing the current customer's telephony infrastructure for their internet phone network access.
iplex pvc pipe
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