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netprober Overview
NetProber is a probing and analysis application platform. Let service providers offer enhanced network analysis, manitoring and applications on PSTN, PLMN and NGN(BoN). NetProber applications cover network audit, trend display, subscriber trace, roaming traffic report, voice/wideo/RTPmeasurement, statistics, report and call flow. The Probing solution de4ployer is multi functioned systems shall be customized as Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, Reaming Analysis, and Lawful Interception.
netprober Challenges for keeping network quality

What is the proven solution keeping good quality in reasonable investment? Traditional way, periodic calling test which is simulating subscriber's call pattern, has the limitation for responding to specific subscriber's complain, partner network's Qos and detail analysis of international network. Traditional calling trial tools can be heplful but shall be too late to protect subscriber's chum from service failure in competition market.

Real-time basis monitoring and analysis system in the only answer for any Service Provider to notice and analysis the problem and act the right thing on right time

netprober NetProber can do

Realtime monitoring of abnarmal status for inbound/Outbound roaming service (e·g·Link failure, call establishment rate down, voice quality down etc.)

KPI history management for Call Establishment Rate, Signal Link Failure Rate and Voice MOS Quality per agreement operator

Service Level Agreement system for roaming agreement operator trought Time Sequential Analysis

Deatil cuctomer complain reason resolution from CDR and Protocol Level Analysis

netprober NetProber Family

NetProber applications are suited to service providers which has PSTN,PLMN NGN(BcN) and Roaming Network and provide a cohesice set of analysis, statistics, monitoring and measurement features aimed at specific market needs.
Applications include network topology, traffic trend and call flow induding decode results. From signle system, NetProber can support any signle or combination of the following family:

netprober PSTN network
netprober VolP network
netprober Mobile network
netprober IMS network
netprober Roaming & International network

NetProber provides the capabilities to measure the quality of voice and video on PSTN/PLMN. It also support RTPmeasurement on VolPnetwork.

Applications for customer request
netprober fraud management system
netprober revenue assurance solution
netprober NetProber Application

Operators have NMS, using systems logs, for network management, traffic statistics and VoC. NetProber is the REALTIME basis supplement system which manage network, and traffic. NetProber can handle these all missions without any influence on the network.

Network Tepology
NetProber callects realtime traffic data and
visual information for system status monitoring
throught signaling network and traffics
(ABR,ASR,NER,CST,CSR et.) Theses are visualized topology features for decision making and oction plan of system status.
Roaming Audit
Roaming subscriber management :
NetProber manitors the roaming traffic and
subscriber status for outbound/inbound
reamers per country/operator/regional basis.
Statistics and Reports
NetProber generates periodic statistics information (1min./5min./1hr/1day) for the case of complete/incomplete/
success call/call fail per protocol, termination and country. It contributes to effective network management
throught bolume analysis for specific call traffic.
Trend Display
NetProber monitors the realtime traffic volume for subscriber's call type, section, system and protocol. Traditional systems monitor traffic 'after 10+min.'basis from 'collect-process-display' feature. However, NetProber can monitor subscriber's reatime traffic in user defined refresh time frequency(X Sec. Y Min.)
Call Flow(VOC)
NetProber shows cletail bisualized call flow for specific
subscriber call from probed network traffic data.
Also, it has detail parameteranalysis features similar
to measurement instrument. As well, enquiring
historic data, carrier analysis and process the Voice of Customer
in active manner.
Other Applications
Event Gathering with Fround detect engine
Revenue Assurance
Lawful Interception
Subscriber Tracing
Signal Link failure detection
IN service analysis
AuC/HLR related analysis
Data Traffic Analysis
SMSC analysis
SMSC analysis
Voice MOS measurement(P.561, p.562, p.563) : MOS,ASL,EPD,EPL,DAF,EMR
Video MOS measurement(FP5,Delay/Frame Loss/Jitter)
RTP measurement R-factor, Pocker loss/delay, Jitter
netprober Technical Specification
Support Protocols
ANSI : T1.111 MTP, T1.112 SCCP, T1.113 ISUP, TI.114 TCAP, AIN 01.0.2, ANSI-41D, WIN
ITU/ETSI/3GPP : Q.701 Q.705 Q.707 MTP, Q.761-Q764 ISUP, Q711-Q714 SCCP, Q.771-Q774 TCAP,
SIP : RFC2XXX, RFC3XXX MEGACO : ITU-TH.248, IETF RFC3525, ITU-TH.323 related : H.225,H.245,H.246,3G-MAP,
Network Interface
T1/E1(A,B,C,D,E,F links)
10/100/1000 Ethernet(copper,optic), OC3/STM-1,OC12/STM-4
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