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CCS(Collect Call Systme)™ is an automatic collect call system which has the function of billing to recipient B party.

CCS(Callect Call System)™ has billing manager, signal processing module and IVR processing module. Carriers issue the card PIN numver for promotion, manage black list, authenticate subscriber, differential charging per country/time zone/ subscriber class and monthly settlement using Builing Manager. Signalling processing module control the call and do No.7/ VolP signal process. IVR processing module has the role of setting the IN/Out-bound channgel, aunouncement play, DTMF reception and scenario control

CCS(Callect Call System)™ has various value added special features like black list management and dynamin route distribution. Black list management can limit their call trials. And, Dynamic route traffic distribution guarantees best quality inretmational call termination

ww.ccs.com Features
Major features of CCS(Collect Call System)™ are like the below table:

Features Descriptions
Signal Processing ISDN-PRI signal processing
SS7-ISUP signal processing
VoIP signal processing (Option)
R2 signal processing (Optional)
Various signal conversion: SS7<->PRI<->R2<->SIP<->H.323 etc.
Call processing
and scenario control
Collect call In/Out-Bound call processing and scenario control
VMS In/Out-Bound call processing and scenario control
Continuous call processing
Quick dial per originating number
PIN number authentication processing
Recipients black list authentication process control
Collect call billing process
Multi-language announcement support(Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese etc.)
Origination/Termination phone call blocking
Area code automatic insertion for specific origination subscriber
Background music management
Relay route management Relay route control per Rate
Relay route control per terminating country
Route prefix registration and management
Route group registration and management
PIN number management Fee coupon service
PIN number generation
PIN number information query and modification
Calling history query per PIN number
Black list management Blacklist recipient authentication process
Blacklist recipient information query and update
Code management Code management per operator class, country and area
Business corporate code management
Service code management
Carrier code management
Charging ratio
and discount management
Charging ratio information query
Charging ratio update
Charging ratio batch update
Charging ratio information deletion
Revenue account manageme Daily/Monthly revenue query
Daily/Monthly settlement
Route control Channel management (Channel creation/modification/deletion)

Route group management (Route group creation/modification/deletion)

Route prefix management (Prefix per route creation/modification/deletion)

Channel and route status management
Routing line hunting (Sequential, Circular, Random)
Route control Charging per different ratio
Charging history management
Charging history file creation
Charging history query
VMS Automatic out-dialing to recipient B party
VMS message management
ww.ccs.com System Capacity
CCS(Collect Call System)™ is high scalable platform from mini class to high volume class and can meet customer's specific scalability requirements.

Features Descriptions
MINI* Channel capacity No. of E1 trunk 4E1 16E1
Call processing capacity** BHCA 4,400 18,000
Signal link capacity*** No. of signal link 2(Duplication) 2(Duplication)
class 1 Channel capacity No. of E1 trunk 16E1 32E1
Call processing capacity** BHCA 18,000 35,000
Signal link capacity*** No. of signal link 2(Duplication) 2(Duplication)
class 2 Channel capacity No. of E1 trunk 32E1 64E1
Call processing capacity** BHCA 35,000 71,000
Signal link capacity*** No. of signal link 2(Duplication) 4(Duplication)
class 3 Channel capacity No. of E1 trunk 64E1 128E1
Call processing capacity** BHCA 71,000 142,000
Signal link capacity*** No. of signal link 4(Duplication) 8(Duplication)
class 4 Channel capacity No. of E1 trunk 128E1 256E1
Call processing capacity** BHCA 142,000 285,000
Signal link capacity*** No. of signal link 8(Duplication) 16(Duplication)
ww.ccs.com Characteristics
ww.ccs.com CCS(Collect Call Systme)™ adopts ARISTO™ system as a basic platform. So, it's commercially and technically proven by many toor 1 and 2 carriers in the market
ww.ccs.com Modular System and HA(High Availability) architecture guarantees non-stop service
ww.ccs.com Eevery unit system supports excellent inbox scalobility
ww.ccs.com Commercial off-the-shelf open architecture presents easy maintenace service
ww.ccs.com 999 kinds of differential discount charging features are presented
ww.ccs.com And other additional administrative features are presented for monthly settlement business requirement
ww.ccs.com GUI based O&M systems are presented.
ww.ccs.com Customers
Level2 Carrier Provider
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